Specialist Business Services  

Business and economics research & analysis  

I undertake general research and analysis of commercial issues affecting the profitability of the seafood and other industries. I have a background in economics and mathematics/statistics which equips me well to analyse a diverse range of economic issues impacting on the seafood and different industry sectors. My experience includes a number of years as the Economist for the New Zealand Fishing Industry Board (now SeaFIC). I am able to produce high quality reports, submissions and articles for clients as required.  

Marketing of quota/ACE  

I have extensive experience in marketing quota/ACE in the seafood industry. I have worked in this area of the seafood business since the early 1990s. Through this experience I have developed extensive contacts in the seafood industry. My main clients in this area of my work include Iwi and I market ACE for a number of Iwi clients to the wider seafood industry on an annual basis.  

Valuation of fisheries assets  

My work in the valuation of seafood assets is a natural extension of my work as a marketer of quota/ACE. I undertake this work for a range of clients in the seafood industry who require this kind of information for their internal business policies, audit and financial/accounting requirements. In addition to valuing quota/ACE, I also undertake the valuation of marine farms and other fishing assets as required.  

Business and strategy planning  

I am sometimes asked to assist small Iwi seafood companies to build strategies for the growth and development of their seafood businesses. This is an area of my work that has evolved over a number of years. I use strategic planning processes that provide opportunities for maximum input from businesses in the development of their growth strategies.  

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